Premium 1800LPH Complete Home UV Filtration Solution On A Stand Unit -Click For More Info

Ideal for a Small Household of 1 to 2 people.
R 11 750,00


Premium 1800LPH Complete Home UV Filtration On A Stand Unit

Ultra Violet (UV) light has proved to be very effective in destroying harmful bacteria and viruses in water. UV and filtration provides a safe and simple way to ensuring your drinking water is of high quality.

Our Under-counter Ultra Violet Filtration System is a complete water filtration solution that includes special filters to ensure that it produces healthy, clean water.

With this Option the Big Blues and UV light are pre-built on to a single stand unit, making it easy to move and easy to install with just a single inlet and outlet. The stand bracket also gives the option of either having the system stand on the ground or have it mounted onto a wall.

The Wonder UV light comes with a Weather Proof Counter box, which makes this system ideal for outdoor installations. 

Please note the construction time on a system is 2 to 3 working days.


Filter System includes: 

  • Either a Double Or Triple Big Blue Bracket (Dependent on Filter Set Select)
  • Select Pre FIlter Cartridges
  • 1800lph / 29watt UV Light (Wonder Light HC-480) with Weather Proof Counter Box
  • Big Housing Spanner 



  •  UV light kills harmful micro-organisms in the water

  • Filtered water tastes and smells great

  • Promotes a healthy lifestyle

  • Preserve the natural minerals in the water

  • Removes impurities and chemicals such as Chlorine

  • No water wasted during filtration

  • Makes use of your existing plumbing and taps

  • Large filtration capacity

  • Does not require weekly maintenance


 Keep in mind:

  •  The system requires a source of electricity to operate.

  • We strongly recommend installing a Surge protect on the UV light's plug, to prevent damage due to lightning strikes or power surges. Please keep in mind that the UV light's warranty does not cover damage due to lightning or power surges. 

  • We strongly recommend installing a pressure protect valve before the system to prevent damage due to high pressure or pressure spikes. 

  • You will require special plumbing knowledge and experience to install the system successfully.

  • The water needs to be filtered before it enters the UV chamber.

  • The Complete Home Ultra Violet Filtration System has a higher running cost when compared to the Complete Home Ultra Filtration (UF) System.

  • Both the Sediment and the Carbon Filters need to be replaced every 6 months to maintain a high quality water output.

  • This system contains fragile parts that need to be installed and handled with care.

  • Minerals and pesticides are too small to be removed by the filters in the UV filtration system. Should this be a concern, consider installing the Home Reverse Osmosis System.

  • You may need to install restrictor valve to set the source water flow rate to the capacity of your particular UV Filtration System.

  • Since the transformer is an electrical device, take care to ensure that it is protected from moisture to prevent an electrical shortage.

  • The Ultraviolet Light bulb needs replacement once a year. Even though it may still appear to function well after this period, it will start to become less effective at killing bacteria and other micro-organisms. 

  • The Filter housings have a maximum operating pressure of 90 psi. If you suspect that your water pressure will at any time exceed 80 psi, a pressure regulator MUST BE INSTALLED before the filter housing. This action will guard against the water pressure exceeding the maximum pressure rating. It is recommended that the pressure regulator be set at 70 psi or less.

  • Protect the filter housing from freezing, as this can cause the housing to crack.


Installation of the 1800 LPH Ultra Violet (UV) System on a Stand

  • The Dimensions of each Big Blue Housing (excluding the mounting bracket) are 60cm x 19cm x 19cm.
  • The Dimensions of the 1800LPH Stainless Steel UV Housing are cm x cm x cm




Pre-Filter Options


  • There are several different pre-filters that can be selected and used with the Ultra Violet (UV) system. 
  • Depending on the Pre-filter set selected the system will either come with two Big Blue Housings (2xBB) or three Big Blue Housings (3xBB).



Ultra Violet System with Double Stage Pre-filters (2xBB)

Option 1: 1 Micron Sediment FIlter & Activated Carbon Filter


Option 2: 1 Micron Sediment Filter & Premium KDF Cartridge 


Option 3: 1 Micron Sediment Filter & 0.2 Micron Pleated Filter 


Option 4: 5 Micron Sediment Filter & 1 Micron Sediment Filter 


Ultra Violet System with Triple Stage Pre-filters (3xBB)


Option 1: 5 Micron Sediment Filter, Activated Carbon Block, & 1 Micron Sediment Filter


Option 2: 5 Micron Sediment Filter, KDF Cartridge, & 1 Micron Sediment Filter


Option 3: 1 Micron Sediment Filter, Activated Carbon Block, & 0.2 Micron Pleated Filter 


Option 4: 1 Micron Sediment Filter, Premium KDF Cartridge, & 0.2 Micron Pleated Filter


Option 5: 1 Miron Sediment Filter, and 2 x Activated Carbon Blocks 


Option 6: 1 Micron Sediment FIlter, and 2 x Premium KDF Cartridge 


Option 7: 5 Micron Sediment Filter, 1 Micron Sediment Filter, & 0.2 Micron Pleated Filter



Additional Option for Ultra Filtration System 

Arkal Disc Filter


The Disc filter would be installed before the complete home big blue system.  

The disc filter will remove any large sediment, dirt, rust, sand and other large visible particles in the water.

The disc filter will also help to extend the lifespan of your finer particle filters, by leaving only the smaller particles and colors for the Sediment Filters to remove.

The disc filter’s cartridge is reusable, and once it becomes filled you simply open the housing, remove the cartridge, wash it under a tap and then replace it in the housing.

The Disc Filter is available in the following options: 

- 1 Inch Disc Filter (55 Micron)

- 1 Inch Super Disc Filter (55 Micron)

- 2 Inch Disc Filter (20 Micron)


* The main difference between the three options is the surface areas, with the 1 Inch Disc Filter having the smallest and the 2 Inch Disc Filter having the largest. This simply means that the 2 Inch Disc Filter would need to clean less often than the 1 Inch units. 

The 2 Inch Disc Filter also filters to a finer level, than the 1-inch Units.


Installation in Pretoria or Johannesburg

We have an agreement with a 3rd party plumbing company for fixed priced installations for standard installations. This allows us to offer installation as an option via our online store. This should cover most situations but as it is a 3rd party company that will be performing the actual installation of your system if additional work or parts are required the installer will have to be paid for this directly.

Please ensure that you have read through the description in detail and that you have selected the correct product options for your situation as the plumbers would only be able to advise you on installation and not on the filters themselves.

This is only for the main product and does not include additional filters or systems they will be extra and negotiated with the plumber directly. 

Price Includes:

  • Shut off valves 3/4 inch
  • Connection from a max pipe size of 32mm plasson, NO HDPE this will be extra
  • 1M deep Excavation only, with backfill, does not include re-paving, re-taring, re-tiling etc...
  • 3/4 Inch non return
  • Piping allowance up to 3M return from filtration placement
  • All piping, connections, reducers, valves and materials to successfully install product
  • Material needed to securely mount filtration system
  • Electrical connection up to 5M away to existing weatherproof electrical point plug
  • Labour
  • Travel

Possible Concerns or Issues that might affect pricing of installation

  • Current Placement of Pressure Reducing Valve
  • Water Line Locations
  • Excavations of paving, tar, tiles etc...
  • Split piped houses
  • Old rusted water lines
  • Pipes sizes and types (does not cover HDPE pipes)
  • Place to safely and securely install the filtration system

Note however that 90% of our clients normally do a DIY Installations and the kits are designed with that in mind. The Installation cost is with the assumption that some time and effort will be required to find and connect to the correct supply line. If your line is very easily accessible send us a picture that we can forward to the plumber as it might dramatically simplify the installation and therefore lower the costs.