20 000 LPH UV Light (GD-2642))

  • Wattage: 2 x 155w Bulbs
  • Maximum Flow Rating: 20 000 Litres Per Hour
  • Maximum Pressure: 8 bar / 120psi
  • Inlet/OutletSizes: Flange 2" / 50mm (DN50)
  • Manufacturers: Wonder Light , FIlterShop.co.za
    R 65 500,00

    20 000LPH UV Light with Counter Box (Wonder Light GD-2642)


    PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL THE GD Series UV lights are special order, as a result, the stock may not be available in the country, please contact Filtershop directly to confirm stock availability before placing an order. Please also note that the prices on the units may change due to Dollar / Rand Exchange rate at the time of ordering. 

    • The UV lights kill bacteria and other organisms in the water, using Ultra Violet (UV) rays.
    • The GD-2642 UV Light uses two 155 watt UV Lamps working in parallel. 
    • The GD-2642 UV Light comes with a weatherproof counter box which will protect the ballast from the elements, as well as indicate how many hours the UV light has been running. 
    • The Bulb (Lamp) inside the UV Lights typically have a lifespan of one year and then must be replaced, regardless of the size of the UV Lamp.
    • When Replacing UV Bulbs remember that the UV bulb is fragile and must be handled with care.
    • UV Bulbs are rated by both Wattage and capacity or Liter Per Hour (LPH)
    • Our UV bulbs have 4-pins on one side and the other side of the bulb just has an end cap


    Keep in mind

    • Keep in mind that as the UV light runs the bulb will generate heat. If water stands inside of the light for some time then it will come out warm/hot. 
    • The UV Lights warranty does not cover damage due to power surges or Lightning Strikes. It is strongly recommended that a Surge Protector is installed before the UV Light to Protect the Ballast against Power Surges or Lightning Strikes.
    • The UV light's are designed to operate for 24hours a day if you do not want the light to run all the time, then we would suggest installing a timer at the plug point to turn the light on and off as required.



    Wattage: 2 x 155w bulbs

    Maximum Flow Rating: 20 000 Litres Per Hour

    Maximum Pressure: 8 bar / 120psi

    Inlet/Outlet Sizes:  Flange type 2" / 50mm (DN50)

    Dimensions: Packaging - 

                        Stainless Steel Housing 

    Packaging Weight: