1000 to 3000 LPH Premium Industrial Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems - Click for more info

The Premium Industrial RO System, is an unit ideal for situations that require a large amount of RO water.
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1000 to 3000LPH Premium Industrial Reverse Osmosis System


The Premium Industrial Reverse Osmosis (RO) System is designed for capacities ranging from 1000lts/hr to 3000lts/hr for low TDS feed water design Feed TDS <1500ppm.



Important: Please note that large Reverse Osmosis (RO) Industrial Plants cannot be ordered without your source water being tested first. As the quality of the source water will directly affect the production rate of the RO system, the Life Span of the filters, the quality of product water produced, as well as the effectiveness of the RO system against potential contaminants in the source water. So the Pre-filtration for each plant will need to be customized to address your particular source water's needs. Please contact Filtershop, to find out more about what we will require to give you a comprehensive quotation on a plant for your needs.  


  • Drinking water
  • Food & Beverage
  • Electroplating
  • Boiler Feed Water
  • Domestic use
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Process Water
  • Wastewater reuse
  • Agriculture
  • Pretreatment of EDI or Mixed Bed


  • Fully Equipped & Customizable
  • Individually Tested and preserved
  • Expandable & Skid Mounted
  • Low Operation & Maintenance Costs
  • Components Easily Accessible
  • Easy Maintenance & Servicing
  • Pre-Plumbed Wired & Assembled


Standard Features

  • Housing: 20” Big Blue
  • Sediment Filter 5 Micron
  • Relay & timer control
  • Timer Adjustable
  • Tank level control
  • High-pressure protection
  • AutoFlush
  • Pretreatment Lockout control backup
  • Membrane model: TW30-4040
  • Membrane manufacturer: Filmtec
  • Membrane rejection: 99.0-99.6%
  • Housing Spec: FRP, 300psi, End port
  • Feed Solenoid Valve: SS304; 10bar
  • Flush Solenoid Valve: SS304; 15bar

High-Pressure Pump

  • Type: Vertical Multi-stage Centrifugal
  • Pump Material: SS304
  • Connection: DIN Flange
  • Pump Brand: CNP

Material of Construction

  • High - pressure piping: UPVC
  • Low - pressure piping: UPVC
  • Frame: SS304
  • Control box: IP54 ( painted carbon steel)


  •  Flow meters: Permeate, concentrate, concentrate recycle
  • Conductivity: Permeate
  • Pressure gauge: Pre-filter, post- filter, pump discharge, concentrate
  • Pressure switch: Feed, RO membrane inlet


Operating Limits / Parameters 


Things to Keep In Mind about RO Systems


RO Plant flow ratings

  • The production rating of all the RO plants is based on an ideal quality source water, so in situations, with low to poor quality source water the actual flow rate produced by an RO plant can be as low as 30 to 70 % of the rated Maximum capacity. So, in other words, a 100 Litre Per Hour plant typically will produce between 30 to 80 liters per hours in real-world applications.
  • Please also note that during flushing procedures the RO plant will require 3 times the rated output of the RO from the source. (For example, a 100 liter per RO plant will require a minimum flow rate of 300 Litres per hour from the source).
  • Keep in mind that none of the RO plants are designed to be or should be run 24 hours a day, as this will lead to damage of both the components and membranes.
  • The RO plants require a minimum of 2 – 3 bar pressure from the source water, if you are using gravity feed then you should consider putting a pressure pump In to feed the RO system.


Waste Water

  • As the RO process filters water to such a fine level, the membranes need to flush themselves as they run to remove the contaminants and minerals caught on them. This flushing results in wastewater, which will go straight down the drain.
  • On the smaller size industrial RO plants, the wastewater to product water ratio is typically between 1:1 and 2:1. So for every 1 Litre produced by the reverse Osmosis plant between 1 to 2 liters will be used to flush the membranes and goes down the drain.
  • With the large-scale RO plants, the wastewater to product water is typically between 1:2 and 1:1. So for every 1 liter of product water produced by the plant between .5 to 1 liter of water is used to flush the membranes and goes down the drain.
  • Please keep in mind that the exact wastewater to product water ratio will depend on a number of factors such as the quality of the source water and what quality of product water you are trying to produce. Normally the lower the TDS you are trying to produce from the RO plant, the high the waste water ratio will be.
  • The RO Plant requires a minimum of 2 bar incoming water pressure.


Product water quality

Typically with most municipal supplies, the Industrial RO plants should produce a product water with a TDS of less 10. However,  please note that this will depend on the quality and TDS of the source water. Higher source water TDS will lead to a much higher TDS level in the final product water.