Borehole & River Water Solutions

A borehole, or River Water, is a complicated thing since each one is unique. We have got lots of off the shelf systems between here, the complete home section and the rain water harvesting section but we recommend giving us a call and chatting about your situation. Nine out of ten times we find that if you talk to us we create a custom solution for your needs and thus save you money and most importantly you know you’re getting a system to address your needs. Please call us or send us a mail, if you have had your water tested please send the analysis to us it makes the process quick and easy. If you would like to be up to speed on what is available have a look at the three sections mentioned earlier. 

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Triple Stage Home Water Filtration On A Stand Unit

Standard Price Includes:
  • 3 x 20 Inch Big Blue Housings
  • 3 x 20 Inch Big Filters
  • Triple Stand Bracket Frame
  • Big Housing Spanner
  • Shipping Dimensions: 63cm x 23cm x 80cm
  • Approximate Weight: 25kg
  • R 3 950,00

    Water Softeners -Click For More Info

    For removing Lime/Hardness/kalk from water.
    From R 8 550,00

    Calcite (PH Correction) Vessel

    The Calcite PH correction media is designed to bring a water's PH levels up from an acidic PH to a PH between 7 & 9
    R 9 750,00

    High Flow (HF) Cartridges - Click for More Info

    High Flow (HF) Cartridges for sediment removal at very high flow rates. The HF cartridges are capable of filtering to between 5 & 20 microns at a flow rate of up to 75 000 Litres Per Hour (LPH).
    From R 11 500,00

    Industrial Disc Filters (Washable) -Click For More Info

    Arkal Disc Filters are washable pre-filters that will extend the life of the filters that follow it.
    From R 12 500,00