Commercial Water Systems

We have a wide range of components that allow us to custom build commercial systems, whether you need 30L an hour or 30,000L an hour. We have designed systems from supplying mines with drinking water from a river in central Africa to helping the small bottled water store at the local shopping center. Please contact us and our skilled technical team will assist you by creating a custom system to meet your unique needs.   

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Industrial Ultra Filtration (UF) Systems - Click more Information

The UF Membrane will physically capture bacteria, rather than kill them like UV. This will require the Membrane to be flushed on a regular basis.
From R 9 750,00

Stainless Steel Rounders -Click For More Info

Ideal for situations with high flow rate and pressure requirements. Can be set up for sediment removal or as a carbon filter
From R 5 500,00

Inline Chlorinator -Click For More Info

Inline chlorine injector with adjustable spring. Adds chlorine to water as it flows through the unit.
From R 399,00

Bag Filters -Click For More Info

Reusable bag that is capable of filtering large volumes of water
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Premium 600 GPD Reverse Osmosis (RO) system -Click For More Info

Small commercial direct line RO system with a production capacity of 2400 Litres Per Day / 100 Litres Per Hour
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