Crystal Sands Sediment Filtration Media

R 500,00

Crystal Sands Sediment Filtration Media


Crystal Sands Media is a glass-based filtration media used for removing sediment, dirt, rust, and other large particles. 


Crystal Sands Media is designed to replace and improve upon the standard Silica Sand used in Deep Bed Sand Filter Vessels and Swimming Pool Vessels


Crystal Sands is Eco-Friendly being made of 100% recycled crushed glass. 


Crystal Sands is a perfect mix of grain size to optimize filtration flow and backwash fluidization. 


The Crystal Sands Media Comes in 18kg (13l) bags. Two bags of Crystal Sands Media has roughly the sand as one 40kg bag of Silica Sand Media. 


Key Benefits: 


  • Backwash is more efficient - Crystal Sands is lighter than silica sand, fluidizing faster, using less time, energy, and water. 

  • Safer - Crystal Sands is not susceptible to metal leaching under acidic conditions as it does not contain high levels of heavy metals such as chrome, iron cobalt, and other metals conventionally used to color beer and wine glass bottles. 

  • Recycled Materials - Crystal Sands is environmentally friendly, versus the mining of silica sand, relieving landfill sites of waste. 

  • Chlorine Consumption is lower - due to fewer secondary chlorine reaction products such as chloramines. 

  • Increased water purity and lower turbidity - Crystal Sands has a reduced filtration period (by up to 25%) with an ionically charged and higher surface area than silica sand, collecting debris, and microbial particles as small as 10 microns. 

  • Up to 20% saving in weight compared to Silica Sand 

  • Longer lasting - Crystal Sands replacement period is well over 10 years. It has a lower propensity to fracture and wear than Silica Sand. 

  • Lower incidence of biofilm - Crystal Sands is not Susceptible to bacterial colonization.