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External Fridge Filter (F467 & F929)
Manufacturer: FIlterShop.co.za
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DD-7098 External Fridge Filter (F467 & F929)

  • The DD-7098 Fridge filter comes with quick release push in fittings and mounting brackets to be installed.

  • The DD-7098 Fridge Filter is designed to be attached to 1/4 Inch Piping (6mm)

  • The DD-7098 Fridge Filter will remove chlorine and organic molecules, improving the smell and taste of the water.

Service Life
(2000 Litres) or 6 Months
Maximum Flow Rate
1.3 LPM
Pressure Range
30 to 125 psi
Temperature Range
40 to 100 °F ( 4.5 to 38 °C)
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