Gflow Grey Water Filter System

The Simple, one connection alternative for environmentally conscious home owner. Taking grey water from washing machines and bathrooms, to use for irrigation.
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Gflow Grey Water Filter System

The GFlow is designed to take grey water from the washing machine and bathrooms, it then diverts, filters and disperses the water to the garden via a GF drip-line and GF Rotor (Irrigation controller).



  • Economical and compact automated design
  • Easy self-installation in both new and exisiting homes
  • Single unit can handle a Laundry and 3 bathrooms (subject to plumbing layout)
  • Clog resistant, vortex pump with thermal protection
  • Specially designed side mount float switch
  • Simple, robust and reliable design
  • Innovative self-drain and auto de-sludge mechanism
  • Diverts greywater from on 50mm (2") connection
  • Manually isolated when water is not required
  • Easy, Hygenic and low maintenance with:

                        - Easy to pull-out sludge trap basket

                        - Extra Large 4 layers of graded vertical filter

  • 2 Years warranty


Keep In mind:

  • The Gflow system is not designed for grey water from dish washers or kitchen basins, as the oils and fats in the water can cause harmful bacteria growth inside of the Gflow box.
  • The Gflow is not designed to filter water from toilets.


Included in the Gflow Grey Water System:

  • Gflow grey water unit
  • 100 Metres or Drip-line
  • Three way valve


 How does it work?

  1. Grey water comes from the bath tube, showers, bathroom basin and is discharged from the washing machine.
  2. This water is redirected towards the Gflow unit.
  3. Once the water enters the unit, it flows into the sludge trap and through the sponge filter into the pump chamber.
  4. The filtered water fills the pump chamber lifting a level float which activates the pump.
  5. The pump then discharges the water out through the Irrigation drip Line into the garden.


Please follow the below a video on how the standard G-Flow System works:


Installation of the Gflow Grey Water System

  • Can be set Above Ground, Partially buried, or even wall mounted
  • Spreads the water over a large area when used in conjunction with the GF Drip-line. The drip-line can be easily fitted to the exisiting gardens without interfering with existing landscape.
  • Use no smaller than 25mm pipe on the discharge.


 GF Drip-line kits

State of the art drip line specifically designed for use with the Gflow grey water system.

The GF drip-line system delivers a slow and precise flow of grey water, irrigating the garden.


  • High flow 8L/hr dripper
  • Made from flexible polyethylene tubing
  • Simple to install
  • Can be used in all shapes and sizes of gardens
  • Designed for both sub-surface and sub-mulch applications
  • Evenly spaced, pre inserted emitters
  • 0.3m spacing for more effective strip watering
  • Self cleaning turbulent flow path



Optional GF Rotor

The GF Rotor (grey water diversion system irrigation controller) operates evenly and sequentially up to 6 watering zones. Please note that the GF Rotor control does not come standard and is optional component.


  • Hydraulic Operating, so no external power required
  • Flow activated so the unit will operate from a gravity fed tank with less than 1m head pressure
  • Improves performance of a system by splitting the flows and increasing the operating pressure
  • Simple and reliable
  • Easy to install and operate
  • The GF Rotor allows the G-flow system to discharge water equally across as meany as 6 zones in the garden. 

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