Limetron Hard Water Conditioner

Limetron Hard Water Conditioner is designed to change the state of Hardness (Lime /Kalk) in a source water so that it does not stick to the inside of pipes, geysers, or fittings.
Manufacturer: Fluid Dynamics
R 4 350,00

Limetron Hard Water Conditioner 


High Hardness (Lime / Kalk) levels in a source water will cause limescale (white chalky substance) on your pipes, geysers, and fittings. 

The Limetron Hard Water Conditioner is designed to change the state of the Hardness (Lime / Kalk) in the water so that it does not adhere to the inside of the pipes, geysers, and fittings. 

The Limetron® is based on fluid dynamic's successful industrial catalytic water conditioning method as it offers reliability, high performance is cost effective for the consumer and has the smallest environmental impact. Fluid Dynamics catalytic system is used by homeowners, corporations and utility companies around the world with over 300,000 systems installed in over 50 countries.



  • No Maintenance costs ("install and forget") 
  • Easy to install, uses standard BSP thread like that used in South Africa. 
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty
  • No earthing, control box, or electricity required. 


How Limetron® Works

*Please note that the Limetron is called the Housetron in the USA, the video was made by Natural Sof.  

Limescale forms in hard water areas most notably when water is heated. The scale is a result of super-saturation… As the water heats up the capacity to hold calcium in solution reduces and the water can become supersaturated with calcium ions. This result is the calcium falling out of solution as calcium carbonate and adhering to the nearest surface usually where the heat is generated. If you take a water heater, for example, this scale will form on the heating element or heat exchanger leading to a reduction in heat transfer efficiency, energy wastage and eventually leading to equipment failure.

Limetron® utilizes the catalytic method of water treatment, it has no wires, requires no power source or salt and does not add or remove anything from the water.

Inside Limetron® is the unique patented Fluid Dynamics catalytic alloy. It is made from a combination of semi-precious metals that react with water.

When water flows through Limetron® the natural conductivity of the water causes the metals to react with one another generating an electrical field on the surface of the alloy.

This electrical field causes the calcium and bicarbonate ions to precipitate from the water forming an insoluble microscopic calcium carbonate crystal called aragonite.

The smooth surface of this aragonite crystal cannot adhere to surfaces in the same way as limescale and is washed through the system and exits down the drain. If aragonite deposits for example through evaporation on surfaces such as shower screens the deposits are much easier to remove and do not require chemicals or aggressive cleaning actions.

In most cases, water treated by Limetron® will absorb existing limescale deposits. This is caused by the increase in solubility as a result of the precipitation of calcium ions during treatment. The descaling impact varies depending on water quality and the volume of existing limescale deposits within the pipework. 


Limetron Sizes

Please note that typically we would recommend the 3/4" (22mm) Limetron for most households and normally have this size in stock. However, the other sizes can be ordered on request, lead time is typically 1 to 2 weeks from when payment is received before we will receive the units from our suppliers. 


Installation Instructions

  • No Wiring
  • No Maintenance once installed
  • Can be installed horizontally or vertically
  • No bonding required

Installation is very simple and can be carried out by any competent pipe fitter. Ensure that supply of water is switched off at the desired fitting location and cut out a length of pipe equivalent to the Limetron®. Remove the cutout section. Once installed there are no further alterations needed and Limetron® will not require servicing.

Consider putting two valves either side of your limetron. This will enable you to have it simply removed and replaced with a length of pipe if you ever move home and wish to take your Limetron with you.

1. Ensure water supply is switched off before proceeding.


2. Remove pipework. The equivalent length of Limetron.


3. Fit Limetron ensuring fittings are tight both ends.


4. Turn on supply slowly.

* Domestic heating compliance guide for hard water treatment




The Limetron units come with a 10-year warranty and an expected lifespan of up to 15 years*. 

*Please note that the lifespan of the limetron units can be less dependent on the quality of the source water and external elements. 

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