Calcite (PH Correction) Vessel

The Calcite PH correction media is designed to bring a water's PH levels up from an acidic PH to a PH between 7 & 9
R 9 750,00

Calcite (PH Correction) Vessel 

Low acidic PH in water (6.5 and lower) can cause corrosion of copper pipes and geysers. This is typically seen as blue-green stains on your baths, skins, showers, and toilets.


The Calcite (PH Correction) Vessel is designed to bring a water with a low acidic PH, up to a PH between 7 & 9 (Neutral to Alkaline). 


The Vessel is filled with Calcium Carbonate commonly known as Calcite, as the water flows through the vessel the calcite dissolves into the water. 


The Calcite acts as a "Buffer" raising the level of PH in the water to between 7 & 9. 


Keep in mind 


The Calcite is essentially adding calcium (hardness/lime/kalk) to the water in order to bring up the PH levels. Now in most cases, the amount of calcium being added is not high enough to make the water suddenly "Hard". 


However, it is still possible for this to happen and cause lime scale build-up on pipes, geysers, and kettles. 


To help ensure that this does not happen the calcite vessel comes standard with "By-pass" setup which will allow you to control how much of the actual total water flow goes through the vessel and is dosed with Calcite. This will help you to control the actual level of calcite being added to the total amount of water. 


You are also supplied with some test strips which will help you to monitor the PH and Hardness levels so that you can fine-tune the amount of water flowing through the calcite unit. 


How does it work? 








Replacement Cost and Maintenance?


The Calcite Vessel needs to be refilled calcite media over time, how often the calcite needs to be replaced will depend on the level being dosed and the flow rate through the unit. 


The Calcite vessel's By-pass setup have Union connections which allow you to easily remove the piping to unscrew the valve head and add more calcite into the vessel. 


And then replace the valve head without needing to redo the pipework or any additional plumbing.


The Calcite is R1 750.00 per bag to replace.



What is included in the price?

The Calcite (PH Correction) Vessel comes with the following: 

- Manual Backwash Valve 

- 50/75/100 Litre FRP Vessel

- Riser Pipe

- Top and Bottom Strainers

- By-passing Piping Setup 

- Calcite Media

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