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Inline Premium Kdf Fridge Filter helps slow growth of bacteria and removes some heavy metals.
R 750,00

Premium KDF Fridge Filter

The KDF particles in this filter prevents bacteria from growing out of control on the Carbon inside the filter. This has a few advantages, firstly you don’t have the effect of getting more and more bacteria over time from the bacteria sitting in the filter and multiplying. (this does happen with normal fridge filters and is the main reason why you need to replace them every 6 months.) The second advantage is that for most people the lower bacteria levels mean that you can keep the filter for 12 months. The filter does however not function as a barrier for bacteria. This filter replaces the normal Generic External Fridge Filter. KDF also bonds with Heavy Metals thus removing some of them from the water. 

  • Serves as a replacement for Samsung DA29-10105.
  • The Premium KDF Fridge filter requires the quick release push in fittings to be installed.
  • The Premium KDF Fridge Filter is designed to be attached to 1/4 Inch Piping (6mm)
  • The Premium KDF Fridge Filter will remove chlorine and organic molecules, improving the smell and taste of the water.
  • The Premium KDF Fridge Filter has KDF imbedded in the filter making it more resistant to bacteria growth in the filter thus doubling the lifespan of the filter. This saves you time and money.

Service Life
2500 Gallons or 12 Months
Maximum Flow Rate
0.75GPM / 2.8 LPM
Pressure Range
30 to 125 psi
Temperature Range
40 to 100 °F ( 4.5 to 37.8 °C)


Additional options:

Inline 5 Micron Sediment Filter

Adding a sediment filter before the carbon filter is highly recommended as the carbon filter doesn’t actually clean the water but just removes chlorine via chemical reactions. This filter is easy to add to your existing setup as it just uses the same quick connections as is just placed inline before the normal fridge filter. The filter catches most visible particles and with most supplies you would believe how much dirt the filter actually catches. The filters typically has a lifespan of 6 – 12 months.

The In-line Sediment Filter is to prevent a situation like this picture where a fridge filter was completely clogged with in a month on Pretoria water. Our warranty doesn’t cover filters for poor water quality. 

Inline Ultra Filtration (UF) Membrane

Ultra Filtration is the finest that you can filter without starting to waste water as Nano Filtration or Reverse Osmosis does. This Makes it ideal as a final stage feeding into a fridge as it doesn’t require modifications and just fits inline as a normal external fridge filter would. The big advantage with ultra-filtration is that it serves as a physical barrier that is small enough to physically stop bacteria from entering the fridge. This filter typically has a life span of 12 months.