Quartz Sleeve For Stainless Steel UV Lights

R 599,00

Quartz Sleeve for Stainless Steel Ultra Violet Lights

  • Quartz Sleeves are a very important components of any stainless steel UV light. 

  • The UV bulb (Lamp) must never physical contact with the actual water, as this would "short out" the bulb.

  • The Quartz sleeves create a transparent barrier through which the UV light's rays can pass to neutralise the bacteria in the source water, while preventing the water from ever making physical contact with the bulb.

  • In normal circumstances the quartz sleeve should never require replacement, and just requires cleaning with rubbing alcohol from time to time.

  • However, if the the quartz sleeve is mishandle or dropped it can crack or shatter. In which case it must be replaced, as you can not risk water getting into the quartz sleeve and shorting out the UV bulb.


  • When ordering a replacement quartz sleeve make sure you are ordering the correct length quartz sleeve for your UV light.

  • As a quartz sleeve that is too short will not seal, causing the UV light to leak and water to enter the quartz sleeve.

  • And a quartz sleeve that is too long will not seal, and again will cause the UV Light to leak.