Replacement Filters for Plumbed In Dispenser with Built-In Filters

R 750,00

Replacement Filters for Plumbed In Dispenser with Built-in Filters


Please note that these Replacement Filters are only for the Plumbed In Dispenser with Built-In Filters, they are not meant for our other Plumbed In Dispenser or Stainless Steel Fountain Options. 


The Filter System has the following stages: 

  • Stage 1: 5 Micron Sediment Filter - Removes Dirt, Sediment, Dust, Rust, and other large visible Particles in the water.
  • Stage 2:  Activated Carbon Filter - Absorbs chlorine and organic molecules (Bad Odours) from the water. 
  • Stage 3:  Activated Carbon Filter - Absorbs additional chlorine and odors from the water. 
  • Stage 4:  0.2 Micron Pleated Filter - Filters out tiny particles, as well as bacteria from the water.