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Top filling filter bottle for water dispensers.

Top Filling Filter Bottle

  • The Top Filling Filter Bottle is fitted on top of a water dispenser, the water is then poured into the top of the filter bottle, it then filters down through the filter cartridge and finally into the water dispenser where it is heated and/or cooled.
  • The Top filling filter bottle will remove sediment, rust, chlorine and organic molecules making the water smell and taste better
  • Please note that the Filter bottle will not remove bacteria, viruses or heavy metals from water. If your water's quality is questionable then the filter bottle may not be sufficient to adequately clean the water.

The Top Filling Filter bottle fits most bottle filled water dispensers.

Maintenance on Top filling water bottle


The Filtershop does not have in-house maintenance personnel at the current time, however the maintenance on the filter bottle is very simple and does not require any specialised knowledge.

The filter cartridge inside the top filling water bottle will need to be replaced after 3 to 6 months, depending on the amount of water flowing through the cartridge. The Replacement filter cartridge for the top filling filter bottle is R 235.00.

The maintenance simply involves removing the cartridge and screwing a new one into place, and then rinsing the inside of the water dispenser with a little bit of water and Milton when you replace the cartridge inside the bottle.

There is an installation guide for the filter bottle available on our forum, please follow the link


Picture of Top Filling Filter Bottle
Top Filling Filter Bottle
  • Includes first filter cartridge
R 395,00