Under The Counter Water Filters Range

We aim to provide many different options when it comes to under counter water filters to allow you to select the perfect system for your needs. This does however create a problem of too much to choose from so we will try and give a brief explanation. If your concern is finding a water filter that will remove chlorine you’re in luck they all do, if you have too much chlorine in your water then you probably don’t have a problem with bacteria so we would recommend either a double under the counter water filter system or a double direct line under the counter water filter system. If the basic taste of your water isn’t to your taste then you should look at either an reverse osmosis system to remove all the minerals from the water or a middle ground like the under counter nano filtration system that will remove half of the minerals and remove bacteria. They do however waste water to keep the filters from blocking while filtering at this level, if you want to get most of the benefits of these systems while avoiding most of the drawbacks then look at a three or four stage direct line water filter or a triple under the counter system.   

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Double Direct Line under the counter system -Click For More Info

The Direct line systems are installed directly on to the cold water line of your existing kitchen faucet.
R 2 250,00

Under The Counter Reverse Osmosis (RO) System -Click For More Info

The most popular under counter water filtration solution. The Domestic RO has a capacity of 100 Gallons per day (380 Lt/day).
From R 2 600,00

Under the counter Nano Filtration (Nano) -Click For More Info

This is a process between RO and UF it has most of the benefits of RO without removing the minerals. It also wastes less water to clean its membrane.
R 3 250,00

300GPD Reverse Osmosis System - Click for Info

Small Semi- commercial direct line RO system with a production capacity of 1200 Litres Per Day / 50 Litres Per Hour**
R 5 500,00

Under the counter Ultra Violet Water Filter -Click For More Info

Under the counter UV systems for removing chlorine, sediment and killing bacteria.
From R 3 200,00

OneStop Plus™ Anti-Scale Point of Use (POU) Systems

From R 1 195,00

Under the counter Ultra Filtration (UF) -Click For More Info

The under the counter UF has a capacity of 120 Litre Per Hour and will filter water down to 0.2 Microns
From R 1 650,00