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    Complete Home Filters Range

    With our complete home water filter systems we aim to offer systems that cater for most situations. Let’s start from the top, if you have a problem with dirt or sediment in the water a disc filter is a very nice thing to have since you don’t have to change the filter cartridge each time it is dirty, you just wash it. The disc filters are also great at extending the life span of any of the other systems particle filter cartridges. A single, double, or triple stage Big Blue home water filter is used if you want to get rid of chlorine and make your water visibly clearer. The problem with this is that you normally get bacteria growing in the filters, this can be reduced by using Premium KDF instead of carbon or by adding UV light or Ultra filtration membranes after the big blues as in the next three options. If you have specific concerns with your water or would just like to be sure you’re getting the right solution for your needs contact us and we will design a custom system to meet all your needs.