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    Small Portable Ozone Generator - 100mg/h

    Manufacturer: 62 Waters
    R2 000,00
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    Small Portable Ozone Generator - 100mg/l

    What to use it for:

    Everything we touch and handle can be contaminated by viruses or bacteria. A big risk is the groceries and goods we buy and then take it home. The best and by far the easiest way of sanitizing these are to subject them to ozone gas.

    The ozone gas penetrates all areas and will kill any bacteria or viruses that may have been on them.

      •           Use the portable unit in your car boot after purchases of groceries.
      •           In the pantry or small room at home.
      •           If your car was in for a service or wash. It will also eliminate any smoke smell.
      •           Your office or room, when you feel the need if it was used by somebody else, just ozonate it for around 30 minutes, and have peace of mind.
      •           It can be applied to tableware, hair cutting tools, food processing utensils, clothing, coins almost any object, Kitchen surfaces, and all household objects


    What is ozone?

    Ozone, O3, is a gas that is effectively oxygen, O2, with an extra atom. In this state, it is a very unstable gas, but an extraordinarily strong oxidizer. Ozone is manufactured from oxygen by high voltage spark. The smell in the air after a close lightning strike is ozone. As an oxidizer, ozone will break down cell walls of bacteria and viruses and as such kill and destroy them. Ozone is however a very unstable and will naturally start reverting to oxygen from which it was formed.

    According to standard GB28232-2011, you need 20mg/m3 ozone concentration in the air for 30 minutes to effectively disinfect the area. If the concentration is higher or lower, the time needed to be adjusted accordingly. The device generates 100mg/h ozone.


    Guidelines for disinfected times:




    Clothes, Coins, Books, Cell phones, Keys

    100lt sealed place

    2 min

    Refrigerator, scullery, wardrobes


    25 min



    30 – 60 min



    80 min


    Place small items in a closed container for disinfection and keep doors and windows closed for larger areas.



    Small portable battery operated. Charge with micro USB for Cellphone charger or any USB outlet.

    Generate 100mg/h output.



    Although ozone is a naturally occurring gas, higher concentrations is not recommended for humans and animals. It has a very strong smell that will cause coughing and effect your lungs. Open area, windows, doors, etc until the pungent smell has disappeared before using the area.


    Technical Parameters:

    Product weight: 189g

    Battery: 2200mAh lithium battery

    Input:  5V/2A

    Charging time: 4 hours

    Endurance: 1 hour


    Disinfection Timing Setting:


    The default setting of “Ozone” is 15 minutes, “Timer” is 180 seconds.  Adjust the ozone timer according to the area and objects you want to disinfect.


    1.       Turn on the device. The default setting option is “Timer”.  The dot is lighting. Click [<] of [>] key to switch the option between “Timer” and “Ozone” (The timer is a delay before it starts to run)
    2.       Press [M] key. The digital number flashes. Click [<] once to minus 1; click [>] to add 1.  Long-press can change the number quickly. Press [M] to save the settings
    3.       Long press [M] key for 3 seconds to start the device.
    4.       Range of “Ozone”: 1 – 100 minutes

    Range of “Timer”: 180-999 seconds

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