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    Storage Tank Accessories

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    Picture of Booster Pump to Tank Connector Kit
    Picture of Water Tank Float Valve Kit

    Water Tank Float Valve Kit

    This kit allows for effortless filling of a JoJo water tank with an automatic shut-off. Whether you prefer to manually fill your tank using a hose, or a more permanent solution that involves connecting it to your plumbing line, this kit contains all the accessories required to do so.
    Picture of Tank Gauge

    Tank Gauge

    Picture of Remote Tank Alert

    Remote Tank Alert

    R1 950,00
    Picture of 40mm Female Water Tank Fitting

    40mm Female Water Tank Fitting

    The 40mm Female Water Tank Fitting is used as the outlet at the bottom of all our water storage tanks, including Vertical, Low-Profile and Slimline.
    Picture of 50mm/40mm Full Thread Reducer
    Picture of 40mm/20mm Male/Female Reducer
    Picture of Tank Mozzie Screen

    Tank Mozzie Screen

    This 40mm Tank Mozzie Screen allows water to pass through the overflow while blocking entry for mosquitoes and other insects. It can also be connected to the outside of the tank inlet (if not connected to a pipe supply), or alternatively the inside of the tank inlet.