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In-Tank Germicidal UV Light 


In-Tank Germicidal UV Light helps to control and prevent the growth of bacteria inside of your storage tank.

The Standard In-Tank UV Light is designed to be placed directly inside of the storage tank, where it will float on the water's surface inside of the tank. 

While the In-Tank UV Light's ballast remains outside of the tank inside of a weatherproof casing, it is connected to the UV bulb by a heavy duty power cable. 



  • Low Maintenance Costs. 
  • Does not use chemicals to control the bacterial counts inside of the storage tank.
  • Does not require additional plumbing or piping, as it is suspended inside the actual tank.


Keep in Mind 


  • The In tank UV light does require electricity to operate. The In-Tank UV Light does not come with a storage tank or cord & plug for connecting to a 220v power supply.
  • The Quartz sleeve and UV bulb are made of glass and can be damaged if mishandled. Take great care when transporting and installing the in-tank Germicidal UV Light 
  • The Effectiveness of the Germicidal UV light is directly influenced by the clarity of the water around it. If there is a great deal of dirt, sediment and suspended particles then the UV light's effectiveness will be directly affected. If your water does have a high amount of dirt and particles present, then we would recommend placing some type of sediment filter before the tank, such as a Disc Filter, or Triple Big Blue System, or AFM Glass Media Vessel


Operating Conditions for the Standard In-tank UV Light 

  • Water Temperature: 5°C - 45°C
  • Tank Diameter : <2m 
  • Tank Height : 1m (Min) to 2m (Max)


Dimensions of the Standard In-Tank UV Light 

Then Standard In-tank UV light is approximately 92cm long.

We would recommend measuring your storage tank to ensure that the unit will fit in it, before placing an order with Filtershop. 



This Appliance contains a UV-C Emitter. Germicidal Lamps Emit UV-C Radiation Harmful to Skin and Eyes. 

Ensure Power is OFF during Installation and before inspecting the tank inside. 

Picture of 55 Watt In-Tank UV Light
55 Watt In-Tank UV Light
R 4 950,00
Picture of Replacement Lamp for 55 watt In-tank UV Light
Replacement Lamp for 55 watt In-tank UV Light
R 1 950,00